Registered with Government of Nepal, 177/063 | Affiliated to Social Welfare Council (SWC), 20031.

Social and Behavior
Change projects and campaigns

Social and Behaviour Change

MITRA Samaj excels in SBCC with expertise in strategic planning, behavioral theories, and culturally relevant materials, making us highly effective in driving social and behavioral change. We have also excelled in SBCC through research-driven insights, message testing for relevance and clarity, robust monitoring and evaluation, and data-driven strategy adjustments. We also champion advocacy for policies aligned with SBCC goals.

MITRA Samaj boasts a diverse team of SBCC experts, including communication specialists, public health experts, and sociologists, with extensive experience in media as well. We have strong connections with Nepalese mass media and deep hands-on knowledge of radio, television, social media, and media operations.

MITRA Samaj has a strong history of collaborating with government agencies, local organizations, and communities. We excel in building local capacity for project sustainability and prioritize community involvement. Our achievements include a pioneering three-year SBCC strategy endorsed by four municipalities, funded by SNV Netherlands Development Organization. With over 50 successful media and communication campaigns, including digital media and audio/visual productions, we are a top choice for health sector initiatives, trusted by organizations like the United Nations.


  • Communications and Outreach of Tayar Nepal Project Activities/ DAI/USAID/May 2023 to November 2023
  • Media And Digital Campaign for Hygiene Behavior Change/WaterAid Nepal/August 2022 to February 2023
  • Social And Behavior Change Strategies and Campaigns on Urban Sanitation and Hygiene with A Focus on Fecal Sludge Management in Four Cities/ SNV/ November 2021 to August 2022
  • Empowering Adolescent Girls and Young Women Through the Provision of Comprehensive Sexuality Education and A Safe Learning Environment in Nepal/ UNESCO/ Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)/August 2021 to October
  • Hygiene Behavior Change Coalition- Media Mobilization Campaign-WaterAid Nepal/UKAID and UNILEVER (June 2020 to November 2020)
  • Targeted Interventions to Influence Positive Behavior Change for MHM “4 DAYS OF FUN”/ WaterAid Nepal ̶ June 2015 to October 2015
  • Period Power: “Targeted Interventions to influence positive behavior change for MHM in Udayapur and Sindhuli District”
  • “4 DAYS OF FUN” Phase II: District Level Campaign (Targeted Interventions to Influence Positive Behavior Change for MHM In Siraha District) October 2015 to December 2015
  • “Integrating Menstrual Health Management into School Health Program” GIZ- Godawari Municipality, Kailali November 2018 to October 2019
  • Behavior Change Communication Materials development
  • Documentary on Malaria Elimination, Save the Children/Global fund.
  • Commemorating World Water Day/ WaterAid
  • Video Documentation of ‘Sisters for Sisters Education in Nepal’/ VSO Nepal/ Department for International Development (DFID) VSO Nepal/DFID October 2016
  • Reaching Out with The Video Documentary ‘THE FORGOTTEN PANDA’ To Sensitize People at Places Where It Matters the Most/Red Panda Network
  • Develop/Update IEC materials on stigma reduction in health care setting including IEC materials for ART adherence-National Center for AIDS STD Control
  • Documentation And Publication of Success Stories from Onsite Reporting-World Neighbors
  • A Documentary on Climate Change in Nepal, A Documentary to Capture the Variation of Climate Change in Nepal. WWF
  • Naulo Kiran, ‘Ray of Hope’ A documentary on the successful implementation of the B.P Memorial Health Foundation/ RHIYA Project, Nepal, BP Memorial Health Foundation