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Awareness Raising

Awareness Raising Programs

MITRA Samaj produced a documentary on malaria elimination to raise awareness and orient people on malaria disease for ways to be adopted for elimination, and build a common understanding on malaria disease and its prevention for the way forward towards elimination. The documentary documented major intervention and added resource for future references.

Malaria continues to be a priority public health problem in Nepal. It affects mainly poor people living in remote areas with limited access to health care services, people living in forest fringe areas and amongst migrants and people living in the areas of development projects. It also occurs in the form of outbreaks or epidemics following natural disasters and where there has been breach in the health system by various man-made and natural causes.

  • Documentary on Malaria Elimination, Save the Children/Global fund.
  • Commemorating World Water Day/ WaterAid
  • Video Documentation of ‘Sisters for Sisters Education in Nepal’/ VSO Nepal/ Department for International Development (DFID) VSO Nepal/DFID October 2016
  • Reaching Out With The Video Documentary ‘THE FORGOTTEN PANDA’ To Sensitize People At Places Where It Matters The Most/Red Panda Network
  • Develop/Update IEC materials on stigma reduction in health care setting including IEC materials for ART adherence-National Center for AIDS STD Control
  • Documentation And Publication Of Success Stories From Onsite Reporting-World Neighbors
  • A Documentary On Climate Change In Nepal, A Documentary To Capture The Variation Of Climate Change In Nepal. WWF
  • Naulo Kiran, ‘Ray of Hope’ A documentary on the successful implementation of the B.P Memorial Health Foundation/ RHIYA Project, Nepal, BP Memorial Health Foundation