Registered with Government of Nepal, 177/063 | Affiliated to Social Welfare Council (SWC), 20031
  • An intern undertaking media monitoring.
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Commanded by Dr. Prakash Dev Pant the renowned demographer and M&E and GIS Expert of Nepal MITRA Samaj has evolved as the standalone organization with the capacities of utilizing GIS (Geographic Information System) technology, and enumerate GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates; produce maps and datasets of hotspots and service distribution; assess the sample and produce evidence-based interpretations for issues related to family planning, HIV risk behaviors, contraceptives coverage among others.

With successful completion of over 30 large-to-larger-scale research projects, MITRA Samaj has evolved as one of the best research organizations of Nepal, especially when it comes to conducting research on issues, including family planning, sexual and reproductive health, HIV & AIDS, maternal and child health, abortion, safe motherhood and others.

Ever since its establishment, MITRA Samaj has conducted scores of GIS-related projects, surveys/researches, baseline/midline and endline monitoring and evaluations, analysis/appraisals, media monitoring, need assessment projects for international and national organizations, such as SHOPS, USAID, UNFPA Nepal, WWF Nepal, Nepal CRS Company, FHI 360, World Bank, WaterAid Nepal, Micronutrient Initiative, World Neighbors, Sunaulo Parivar Nepal/Marie Stopes International, KIRDARC, READ Nepal, National Democratic Institute USA, N-MARC/AED, GTZ, ADRA Nepal, and others.

The Research Unit of MITRA Samaj is well structured with qualified and experienced research managers, officers, associates and field operation specialists who have best capacity in questionnaire development, training, field team deployment, software package development, data analysis and report writing without an inch of difficulty. MITRA Samaj is backed-up by already-trained research assistants, supervision and enumeration experts under its roster, who is in stand-by position to collect quality data from any corners of the country, under any circumstances.